Amanda Holges: Human Resources & Business Development Consultant

Hello my name is Amanda Holges.

With over 35 years experience in Human Resources, I provide practical solutions to the headache of Employment Law and Legislation.

I specialise in small and start-up businesses in Kent needing advice and assistance with HR, and improving business growth. From the writing of your first policies to carrying out audits and implementing improvement strategies, I can guide you and your company through the minefield of legislation and in turn improve your growth and success.

If you are looking for easy to follow advice or support for HR, interested in collaboration, or new to business, please call 01843 260704 or email I look forward to working with you to find new ways to develop and progress your Company to a successful future.

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My Background in Human Resources, Personnel, and Business Development

As a HR Consultant, I am sole proprietor of Holges Consulting, my Consulting Business, specialising in HR and Personnel functions and Policies for Small and Start-Up Businesses.

I Initially managed a gift shop in Canterbury when I finished college. I then trained to be a department manager at WH Smiths. In 1988 I moved to a small family run electronics company, Vine Micros, where I worked a range of areas from product testing to advertising.

My responsibilities, growing to that of Company Secretary, included recruitment, policy and documentation creation, training, admin, advice and support. By 2004 Vine Micros had become a multi-million pound international Company and was sold to its American Distributor, TV One. I successfully ran the HR processes at TV One, covering 40+ employees. I remained in the Company until 2011, involved with Sales, Marketing, Production, Purchasing, Human Resources, Health & Safety, Quality and Premises Management.

I have run my own HR consultancy for over 10 years. I am keen to get the policies and processes in place to provide a smooth HR process, for both the Employer and Employees (well as far as it can be!). To help mitigate future issues where possible, and enable swifter resolutions when needed.

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