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Health and Safety is a complex system of Legislation with potentially fatal consequences. Every company has a responsibility to the safety of their employees, visitors and those affected by their work. How much do you have to do to comply and provide a safe working environment?

We can audit your existing systems and documentation to see how you currently comply, if there are potential problems and how you can improve your working environment and reduce possible breaches in H&S Law.

Our services Health & Safety Services at a glance:

  • Health & Safety Audits
  • Policies and Procedures to comply with H&S Law
  • Training and Awareness
  • Retained support for future Legislation changes?

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Our Health & Safety Factsheets

Health & Safety Help and Guidance Factsheets from Holges Consulting

  • Nov 2012 Health and Safety Policy Blunder Busting

    - As can be seen from the news it is very easy to let health and safety policy go a bit overboard. This factsheet can hopefully help you to avoid some of the more common health and safety myths and blunders that have been propagated through business, so that you only implement health and safety policies necessary for saving people’s lives and quality of life instead of causing annoyance and frustration.
  • June 2012 Health & Safety: Low risk environments: To PAT or oPAC?

    - The law requires employers to assess risks and take appropriate action to maintain electrical equipment if it can cause danger, however, it does not stipulate how or when. HSE has published new guidance to help businesses based in low-risk environments (eg. offices and shops) maintain their portable appliances more cost effectively. This factsheet is a quick reference to hopefully save you some time checking you are up to date with the latest help on the how and when.
  • Feb 2012 - Health & Safety: and the Self Employed

    - Briefly provides an outline of some of the basic legal Health and Safety requirements imposed upon the Self Employed.

Our Health & Safety Blog Posts

Holges Consulting blog posts on H&S related matters

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