Human Resources: Getting Employee Morale Right!

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Low employee morale leads to less productivity. As discussed in our blog (Improving Employee Morale: Do your employees know you value them?) quick fixes like budget staff parties and paper plate awards can provide only temporary morale boosts for some employees and may even cause more problems than they solve with others. Employee morale measures need to be part of the everyday running of your business to ensure your employees feel valued and stay positive and productive.

It may be a thankful surprise that the list below of most popular steps taken for making employees motivated in their work can be even cheaper than the quick fixes!

Make your workplace positive:

We’ve all heard the expression at some time ‘you couldn’t pay me enough to work there!’, if the work atmosphere isn’t pleasant employees expect extra value back just for ‘enduring the day’. Making your workplace positive puts you back on a level playing field for what is expected in return for their work.

  • Laugh at the small things, not everything at work needs to be serious and a laugh can really lift spirits
  • Don’t dwell on mistakes, fix them and move on, focus on achievements, celebrate them as a team and build on them to keep moving forward
  • Encourage regular breaks for all, not just smokers, a stroll away lets them relieve any building stress making the day less of a slog and breaking work into smaller chunks is also known to improve productivity levels
  • Don’t forget to smile… a smile is infectious!

Give your employees job satisfaction:

If your company earns awards, helps the community or simply satisfies a client enough for them to send thanks, share this with your employees and celebrate it with them. Similarly, if there is a press release about a reward, include the employees that helped to achieve it. Even sharing news about breaking small targets can improve job satisfaction and help encourage employees to keep up the good work. Essentially sharing the pride of the company with the individual employees outsources the job of making employees feel valued!

Show your employees ‘real’ appreciation:

Rewarding hard work goes a long way to encouraging it to continue as it shows you value the work. However for the reward to work its magic it has to be something of value to the person receiving it. Make rewards personable rather than assuming one size fits all. A bouquet of flowers may make one employee feel special while another employee may not appreciate it at all and feel the act was more a cheap PR trick than a reward. Find out what drives your employees as individuals and reward them for exemplary work with something of value to them to ensure your efforts show real appreciation for their work!

Empower your employees:

An employee that feels their ideas are listened to and acted on feels empowered by their position and so valued by their company for their skills/knowledge. Ask your employees what they think of their jobs and what they think can be done to improve things, and really listen. Employees are a great source of ideas on how to improve processes that they deal with every day so it is win win! Get your employees involved with the evolution of your company to ensure you make the best choices and that your employees feel their knowledge and skills are valued. After all, you hired them for their skills and experience or paid for their training in the position so it makes sense to use that skill and experience.

Help your employees reach their full potential:

Providing training lets an employee know their development is valued. A lot of employees don’t just look at their salary for what they get back from their company. Many employees look for skill development to help them reach their full potential. Training doesn’t have to cost the earth, it can be as simple as opportunities for newer employees to pair up with veterans or to be part of problem solving groups to improve on existing skills and knowledge or you can help to broaden their skills and knowledge by allowing them time to work in other departments.

All these steps work together to ensure your company treats your employees as the valuable assets they are and makes them more motivated in their jobs – higher employee morale = more productivity! (and a much nicer atmosphere for everyone to work in).

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