Combating Company Discrimination: Duty of Care or Potential for Business Improvement?

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By law businesses have to watch their step with their policies and processes to ensure they are not discriminating against anyone due to a protected characteristic (treating less favourably, unless there is a legitimate aim with no other reasonable action to reach it); actual or perceived – age, race, religion, belief, disability, sex, gender reassignment or sexual orientation, or pregnancy, maternity, marriage or civil partnership.

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Equal Opportunities at Work, Promoting Diversity: Employment Policy

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Employee diversity attracts a broader market and improves team problem solving skills through a wider field of interests, (and therefore) skills, knowledge and viewpoints. Enforcing equal opportunities at work, to promote diversity, also encourages a happier, more motivated workforce, leading to improved brand value, productivity and recruitment prospects.

‘Equal opportunities at work’ is achieved by considerate (non-discriminatory) policies governing all employment processes from recruitment to redundancy. Combating discrimination in Employment Policy is not just good practice; it is also against the law to discriminate against anyone due to a protected characteristic.

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