HR Update: Duty of Care, Workplace Changes, Pingdemic, Hybrid/Flexible Working and Furlough – 21st Jul 2021

[Information edited from various sources including CIPD & E&EO. All copyrights acknowledged. Please seek professional advice. Information is correct at the time of writing, and subject to change.]

‘Freedom Day’ may have come last Monday, but this only boosts the responsibility on Employers to maintain safe working environments amid the increased possibility of staff shortages.

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One of Your Employees is becoming a Mum or Dad – Don’t Lose Sleep over it

child and parent

You’ve heard the great news that one of your employees is going to become a mum/dad but while you were congratulating them and jostling them about the extra responsibilities – rest-less nights and dealing with baby sick, you realise that as their employer you will most likely have extra responsibilities too!

If this is either the first of your employees to adopt/gain a child whilst working for you, or if it has been a while since the last arrival of a child for your company then it is good practice to read up on the current legislation.

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