HR Update: Covid-19: Furlough, Job Support Scheme, Redundancy, Data Protection; Year-End Holidays; Brexit: Right to Work Checks – 14th Oct 2020

[Information edited from various sources including CIPD & E&EO. Please seek professional advice. Information is correct at the time of writing, and subject to change.]

Furlough Ends on 31st October – What’s next?

The Job Retention Scheme closes at the end of October, so now is the time for identifying what the next steps are and consulting with staff.

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Human Resources: Preparing your business for upcoming events

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This factsheet can be used while preparing your business for events countrywide or local, to aid you as a check list for impact assessment. Use it for plan and action to reduce negative effects and to enhance the positive effects to ensure your business is at its fittest for success throughout!

HR Checklist:

Communicate with employees (as simple as a quick email) to find out if anyone is a volunteer or intends to have tickets for the event

Collate information on holiday requests for the event period (including how long and when) to confirm if there may be any times where staff shortage may be an issue

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