When Staff niggles go bad

when staff niggles turn into greivances

How often has a member of staff come to you with a relatively small problem and you have swept it under the proverbial carpet and hoped it would sort itself?

What if it doesn’t and your inaction results in a disgruntled employee and the need for weeks of investigation that hits the effectiveness and morale of the whole company?

To the employee that ‘small problem’ was important enough to speak to you about. To them it may be something that has been affecting them for a while, and now they have got to the stage that they can no longer deal with the situation. They have passed the problem to someone they feel should sort it. How are they going to feel if a few weeks later nothing has been done, the problem is still occurring, or has got worse, and they have to go and see you again? They gave you the responsibility for resolving their problem, yet you did nothing.

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