HR Policy: Why Promote Gender Diversity to Top Management?

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Are you trying to convince board members that levelling the male to female ratio in top management is not just about portraying gender equality and equal opportunity? Or considering the promotion of gender diversity to top management in your own company, but not certain how much resource you can ‘afford’ to use on the change? Then this factsheet on why promoting gender diversity to top management may be just what you need!

Just diversity?

A socially diverse team is more likely to question and amend ideas to suit more types of people before releasing a more effective ‘finished product decision’. As with including any social diversity in a team, including both males and females brings together a wider range of knowledge, skills and points of view and so improves team abilities, especially in the case of the decision making process. A ‘culture club’ management team (of very little social diversity) may come to a decision very quickly but with very little distance between the original idea and the ‘finished product decision’ it is likely to fall short of the success it could have made with more varied input. However, having a ‘token’ female on the management team is not enough, as including females in top management is not ‘just’ about social diversity, some other factors to consider follow.

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HR Policy (or lack of) still cripples Top Management Gender diversity!


  • Unfair treatment of employees returning from maternity leave
  • Inflexible working hours not allowing for child-minding responsibilities
  • Unequal pay and bonuses for equal work performance across genders

These age old sex discrimination issues and more are still not being dealt with by HR policies. This is crippling UK businesses in their ability to feed high achieving female employees up the management pipe-line, leading to poor gender diversity in the top management positions.

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